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Abstracts of The 7th Interscience World Conference on Inflammation, Antirheumatics, Analgetics, Immunomodulators. Geneva 1997. International Journal of Tissue Reactions
XIX (1/2): 86-99, 1997.
Impact factor: 0,444

Beuth J., Ost B., Pakdaman A., Rethfeldt E., Bock P.R., Hanisch J., Schneider B.: Impact of complementary oral enzýme application on the postoperative treatment results of breast cancer patients - results of an epidemiological multicentre retrolective cohort study. Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology 47: S45-S54, 2001.
Impact factor: 1,928 Onk-129

Calnan, J.: The prevention of post -operative oedema. Controlled clinical trial of lyophilised chymotrypsín in plastic surgery. Brit. Med. J. 261-263, 1960.

Dale P.S., Tamhankar Ch.P., George D., Daftary G.V.: Co-medication with hydrolytic enzymes in radiation therapy of uterine cervix: evidence of the reduction of acute side effects. Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology 47: S29-S34, 2001. Onk-3

Derveniece A., Hartmane I., Mikazans I., Rozniece K., Ivdra I. : Aciclovir and Wobenzym combination in treatment of genital herpes.International Journal of STD and AIDS 13 (suppl. 1); 42 (2002).
Impact factor: 1,394

Desser L, Herbacek l., Závadová E., Mohr T.: Conversion of α2-Macroglobulin (α2-M) to the fast-form by Wobenzym® interrupts the autocrine loop of TGF-β production in melanoma cells. The Európean Journal of Cancer 35 (4): No. 1526, 375, 1999.
Impact factor: 3,562 Onk-79

Desser L, Holomanova D., Závadová E., Pavelka K., Mohr T., Herbacek I.: Oral therapy with proteolytic enzymes decreases excessive TGF-β levels in human blood. Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology 47: S10-S15, 2001. Imun-25

Desser L., Rehberger A., Kokron E., Paukovits W.: Cytokine synthesis in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells after oral administration of polyenzyme preparations. Oncology 50: 403-407, 1993.
Impact factor: 2,141 Imuno-26

Desser L., Sakalová A., Závadová E., Holomanova D., Mohr T.: Concentrations of soluble tumor necrosis factor receptors, β2-microglobulin, IL-6 and TNF in serum of multiple myeloma patients after chemotherapy and after combined enzýme + chemotherapy. International Journal of Immunotherapy XIII (3/4): 121-130, 1997.
Impact factor: 0,172 Exp-22

Desser L., Zavadova E., Herbacek I.: Oral enzymes as additive cancer therapy. Int.J.Immunotherapy XVII(2/3/4) 153-161 (2001).
Impact factor: 0,242

Dosenkov V.E., Zaharova V.P., Byts Y.V. : Systemic enzyme therapy in experimental atherosclerosis. Int.J.Immunotherapy XVII(2/3/4) 51-58 (2001).
Impact factor: 0,242

Dušková M., Wald M.: Orally administered proteases in aesthetic surgery. Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 23 (1): 41-4, 1999.
Impact factor: 0,366 CH-25

Emancipator S.N., Chintalacharuvu S.R., Urankar Nagy N., Petersilge C., Stauder G.: Effects of oral enzymes in collagen II induced arthritis in mice. International Journal of Immunotherapy XIII (3/4): 67-74, 1997.
Impact factor: 0,172 Exp-27

Emancipator S.N., Chintalacharuvu S.R., Urankar Nagy N., Stauder G.: Oral enzymes in different animal models of glomerulonephritis. International Journal of Immunotherapy XIII (3/4): 97-103, 1997.
Impact factor: 0,172 Exp-25

Ernst E.: Oral therapy with proteolytic enzymes: Effects on hemorheological parameters.
Perfusion 12: 440-441, 1994.
Impact factor: 0,534

Gaciong Z., Paczek L, Bojakowski K., Socha K., Wisniewski M., Heidland A.: Beneficial effect of proteases on allograft arteriosclerosis in a rat aortic model. Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation 11 (6): 987-989, 1996.
Impact factor: 1,628 Exp-29

Garbin F., Harrach T., Eckert K., Maurer M.: Bromelain proteinase F9 augments human lymphocyte-mediated growth inhibition of various tumor cells in vitro. International Journal of Oncology 5: 197-203, 1994.
Impact factor: 1,181 Exp-31

Gebauer F., Micheel B., Stauder G., Ransberger K., Kunze R.: Proteolytic enzymes modulate the adhesion molecule CD44 on malignant cells in vitro. International Journal of Immunotherapy XIII (3/4): 111-119, 1997.
Impact factor: 0,172 Exp-32

Gesualdo L, Ricanati S., Medhat 0. Hassan, Emancipator S.N., Lamn M.E.: Enzymolysis of glomerular immune deposits in vivo with dextranase/protease ameliorates proteinuria, hematuria, and mesangial proliferation in murine experimental IgA nephropathy. Journal of Clinical Investigation 86: 715-722, 1990.
Impact factor: 9,667 Far_mech-14

Guangsheng X., Schinzel R., Simm A., Sebekova K., Heidland A.: Advanced glycation end products impair protein turnover in LLC-PK1: Amelioration by trypsín. Kidney International, Vol. 59, Suppl. 78 (2001), pp. S-53 - S-57.
Impact factor: 5,016

Gujral M.S., Patnaik P.M., Kaul R., Daftary G.V., Parikh H.K., Tamhankar C.P., Schiess W.: Oral enzymes preventing side effects of radiation therapy in patients with head and neck cancers. The Európean Journal of Cancer 35 (4): No. 543, 168, 1999.
Impact factor: 3,562 Onk-8

Gujral M.S., Patnaik P.M., Kaul R., Parikh H.K., Conradt Ch., Tamhankar Ch.P., Daftary G.V.:
Efficacy of hydrolytic enzymes in preventing radiation therapy-induced side effects in patients with head and neck cancers. Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology 47: S23-S28, 2001.
Impact factor: 1,928 Onk-8

Hall S.W., LaMarre J., Marshall L.B., Hayes M.A., Gonias S.L: Binding of transforming growth factor-beta 1 to methylamine-modified alpha 2-macroglobulin and to binary and ternary alpha 2-macroglobulin-proteinase complexes. Biochem J (2): 569-575, 1992.

Hale L.P., Haynes B.F.: Bromelain treatment of human T cells removes CD44, CD45RA, E2/MIC2, CD6, CD7, CDS, and Leu 8/LAM1 surface molecules and markedly enhances CD2-mediated T cell activation. Journal of Immunology 149 (12): 3809-3816, 1992.
Impact factor: 6,937 Exp-35

Harrach T., Gebauer F., Eckert K., Kunze R., Maurer H.: Bromelain proteinases modulate CD44 expression on human Molt 4/8 leukemia and SK- Mel 28 melanoma cells in vitro. International Journal of Oncology 5: 485-488, 1994.
Impact factor: 1,181 Exp-36

Heidland A., Sebekova K., Paczek L., Teschner M., Dammrich J., Gaciong Z.: Renal fibrosis: Role of impaired proteolysis and potential therapeutic strategies. Kidney International 52 (62): 32-35, 1997.
Impact factor: 4,071 Exp-38

Heinz H.P., Loos M.: Activation of the first component of complement, Cl: comparison of the effect of 16 different enzymes on serum Cl. Immunobiology 165: 175-185, 1983.
Impact factor: 1,378

Heumann D., Vischer T.L: Immunomodulation by alfa2-macroglobulin-proteinase complexes: the effect on the human T lymphocyte response. Európean Journal of Immunology 18: 755-760, 1988.
Impact factor: 5,256 Exp-39

Chintalacharuvu S.R., Uranakr-Nagy N., Petersilge CH.A., Abdul-Karim F.W., Emancipator S.N.: Treatment of collagen induced arthritis by proteolytic enzymes: immunomodulatory and disease modifyng effects. The Journal of Rheumatology 28 (9); 2049-2059 (2001).
Impact factor: 2,987

James K.: Interactions between cytokines and alfa2-macroglobulin. Immunology Today 11: 163-166, 1990.
Impact factor: 16,465 Far_mech-20

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Cellular Immunology. 132, pp. 201-214 (1991). Exp-40

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Impact factor: 1,394

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Impact factor: 1,394

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Impact factor: 0,652 Exp-43

Klein G., Kullich W.: Kurzzeitbehandlung mit oralen Enzymen bei schmerzhafter Osteoarthrose des Knies. Clin Drug Invest 19 (1): 15-23, 2000.
Impact factor: 0,914 R-5

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Koshkin V.M., Kirienko A.I.: Systemic enzyme therapy in the treatment of acute thrombosis of superficial veins in the lower extremites and postthrombophlebitic disease. Int.J.Immunotherapy XVII(2/3/4) 121-124,2001.
Impact factor: 0,242

Kovalenko V., Shuba N.M., Golovatskiy I.V., Bortkevich O.P.: Estimation of efficacy of basic therapy of rheumatoid arthritis on the basis of systemic enzyme therapy:Results of five-year monitoring. Int.J:Immunotherapy XVII(2/3/4)129-133, 2001.
Impact factor: 0,242

Kovalenko V., Sledzevskaya I.K., Ryabokon E.N., Gavrilenko T.I.: New aproaches to modern cardiology based on systematic enzýme therapy. Int.J.Immunotherapy XVII(2/3/4) 101-111, 2001.
Impact factor: 0,242

Lackovic V., Rovensky J., Horvathova M., Malis F.: Interferon production in whole blood cultures from volunteers and rheumatoid arthritis patients after medication with oral enzymes. International Journal of Immunotherapy XIII (3/4): 159-165, 1997.
Impact factor: 0,172 R-36

Lauer D., MĂĽller R., Cott Ch., Otto A., Naumann M., Birkenmeier G.: Modulation of growth factor binding properties of α2-macroglobulin by enzýme therapy. Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology 47: S4-S9, 2001.
Impact factor: 1,928 Far_mech-30

Lauer D., Reichenbach A., Birkenmeier G.: α2-makroglobulin-mediated degradation of amyloid βl-42: mechanizm to enhace amyloid β catabolism. Experimental Neurology 167: 385-392, 2001.
Impact factor: 3,641 Far_mech-31

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Impact factor: 1,682

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Impact factor: 1,413

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Impact factor: 1,928.

Manhart N., Akomeah R., Bergeister H., Spittler A., Ploner M., Roth E.: Administration of proteolytic enzymes bromelain and trypsín diminish the number of CD4+ cells and the interferon-γ response in Peyer's patches and spleen in endotoxemic balb/c mice.Cellular Immunology 215; 113-119 (2002).
Impact factor: 1,988

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Impact factor: 5,259

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Impact factor: 0,242

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Impact factor: 0,242

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Impact factor: 0,172 R-7

Menssen H.D., Sakalová A., Fontana A., Herman Z., Boewer Z., Facon T., Lichinister M.R., Singer C.R.J., Euller-Ziegler L., Wetterwald M., Fiere D., Hrubisko M., Thiel E., Delmas P.D.: Effects of long term intravenous ibandronate therapy on skeletal-related events, survial, and bone resorption markers in patients with advanced multiple myeloma.Journal of Clinical Oncology 20 (9); 2353-2359 (2002).
Impact factor: 9,868

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Impact factor: 3,562 Far_mech-35

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Impact factor: 0,603 ORL-16

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Impact factor: 3,504

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Impact factor: 14,384 Nefro-19

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Impact factor: 1,413 Gyn-20

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Impact factor: 0,242

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Impact factor: 1,928 Onk-26

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Impact factor: 2,987

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Impact factor: 1,928 Onk-28

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Impact factor: 3,370

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Impact factor: 0,534 Angio-50

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Impact factor: 0,172 Exp-59

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Impact factor: 1,194 Exp-60

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Impact factor: 0,172

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Impact factor: 0,242

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Impact factor: 0,242

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Impact factor: 0,242

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Impact factor: 0,172 Neur-12

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Impact factor: 0,172

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Impact factor: 0,172 G-22

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Impact factor: 0,172 Exp-70

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Impact factor: 4,653 Obec-14

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Impact factor: 2,275 Exp-76

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British Journal of Haematology 102 (1): 294, 1998.
Impact factor: 3,370 Exp-77

Wald M., Olejar T., Šebková V., Zadinova M., Boubelík M., Poučková P.: Mixture of trypsín, chymotrypsín and papain reduces formation of metastases and extends survival time of C57BI6 mice with syngeneic melanoma B16. Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology 47: S16-S22, 2001.
Impact factor: 1,928 Onk-120

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Impact factor: 3,562 Exp-79

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Impact factor: 2,275 Exp-82

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Impact factor: 0,172 Exp-85

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Impact factor: 0,914 R-20

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Impact factor: 0,172 Exp-87

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Impact factor: 1,928

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Impact factor: 0,781 Exp-92

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Impact factor: 0,172

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Impact factor: 2,096

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Impact factor: 5,991

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Impact factor: 1,928 Exp-92




















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